15-M 300 Charger 12V 15A max

15-M 300 Charger  12V 15A max
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Price:  330.00€

VOLT: 12V 
LOAD TYPE: 8-step, fully automatic charging cycle 
BATTERY CAPACITY: 40-500A, 500A to maintenance 

Auto: Fully automatic for optimal charging 
12V: For all lead-acid batteries 
STEP 7: Fully charged battery 
STEP 8: Charge maintenance 
EXTRA: Temperature Sensor 
RECOND: Function for deep discharged batteries 
NIGHT: Charging with little power and with deactivated fan for 8 hours.

 The M 300 is a potent CTEK charger for boat owners with a greater need for quick and efficient charging. 

 The M 300 is perfect for temperature compensation charging at each temperature, revives a deep discharged battery with the special mode RECOND, the which is necessary after several deep discharges which are typical for the marine environment. 

 Older MARINE the CTEK chargers have 4 meter cable with M6 holes (10,4 mm) for easy installation on board. 

 The M 300 is a fully automatic 8-step charger that provides 25A at 12V batteries for 40 - 500 Ah and is suitable for maintenance charging up to 500Ah.

  The M 300 is classified in IP 44 (outdoor use) and is designed to protect electronic systems of vehicles and not piquancy, has reverse polarity protected and short circuit protection. 

 Comes with 5-year warranty.


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