15-M 45 Charger 12V 3.6A max

15-M 45 Charger 12V 3.6A max
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Price:  80.00€

LOAD TYPE:4-step fully automatic charging cycle
BATTERY CAPACITY:7-75AI, up to 120A for maintenance

COLD / AGM:Charging in cold conditions and AGM batteries
Auto:Fully automatic for optimal charging
12V:For all lead-acid batteries
For full battery charge / trickle charge

Even small boats with batteries of 12V (7-75Ah up to 120 Ah for maintenance charging) require a charger designed to withstand the demanding marine environment.
The M45 is a high quality 4 stage charger with unique functions, such as desulfurization and safe maintenance charging between seasons.

With different charging programs: a program for small batteries (about 7-30Ah) to provide 0,8 A, a program for normal sized batteries (approximately 40-75Ah) and a program for batteries AGM, which require slightly higher charging voltage of 14,7 V instead of the usual 14.4V, by providing 3.6A.

The IP65 classification means that the M45 is impervious to splash and dust.
It does not create any harmful galvanic current, is fully compatible with the electronics board and is designed to offer safe charging: no sparkles, has reverse polarity protection and short circuit protection.
Comes with 5-year warranty.

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