SUNLIGHT 20-0112198 SPA 12V
…ůųżÚ: 5 Ah

SUNLIGHT 20-0112198 SPA 12V
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Price:  15.00€

20-0112198 SPA 12V - †5AH

DIAMENSIONS: L:9,W:7,H:101,TH:107 Weight: 1,80kg

VRLA SPA†range includes general purpose batteries, designed to provide reliable performance†for a wide range of applications.


†Security systems

†Fire alarm systems

†Uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS)

Signaling systems

†Emergency lighting systems

†Broadcasting systems

†Automation boards for elevators

Quality Features & Product Benefits

†Maintenance free (require no addition of water or electrolyte)

†Design life (3-5 years at 20ÔC)

†Safe operation (with proper ventilation according to†ŇÕ†50272)

†Can be mounted in any position (vertical or horizontal)

†UL†approval, VDS†approval for specific models

High performance and reliability†


Technical Features

Capacity range: 0.7-28Ah

†Voltage range: 4–12V†

†VRLA AGM technology batteries, sealed type with safety pressure relief valve

†Available also in VO container (material with flame retardant for higher safety at critical†

EUROBAT Classification: General Purpose†

Added Value Services

Optimum solution design†


†Maintenance contracts†

†‘echnical support†



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