SUNLIGHT 20-0112195 SPA 12V, 1,3AH

SUNLIGHT 20-0112195 SPA 12V, 1,3AH
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Price:  9.00€

20-0112195 SPA 12V, 1,3AH

DIAMENSIONS: L:97W:43,H:52,TH:58
Weight: 0,61kg

VRLA SPA range includes general purpose batteries, designed to provide reliable performance for a wide range of applications.


·  Security systems

·  Fire alarm systems

·  Uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS) 

·  Signaling systems

·  Emergency lighting systems

·  Broadcasting systems

·  Automation boards for elevators

Quality Features & Product Benefits 

·  Maintenance free (require no addition of water or electrolyte) 

·  Design life (3-5 years at 20ïC) 

·  Safe operation (with proper ventilation according to ÅÍ 50272) 

·  Can be mounted in any position (vertical or horizontal) 

·  UL approval, VDS approval for specific models  

·  High performance and reliability 

·  Recyclable 

Technical Features

·  Capacity range: 0.7-28Ah

·  Voltage range: 4–12V 

·  VRLA AGM technology batteries, sealed type with safety pressure relief valve 

·  Available also in VO container (material with flame retardant for higher safety at critical 

·  EUROBAT Classification: General Purpose 

Added Value Services

·  Optimum solution design 

·  Installation 

·  Maintenance contracts 

·  Ôechnical support 

·  Recycling 

·  Training 

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